1979 Tylercraft/Chichester Boats Values, Specs and Prices

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Tylercraft/Chichester Boats Note

No longer in production. No weight and beam information available.

(1980 - 1971)



Tylercraft was an American sailboat company established in 1959 and grew in the industry thanks to their immediate use of fiberglass. Sold to the Chichester Boat Company in the 1970s, a 24-foot vessel produced by Tylercraft/Chichester Boats proved most popular among customers. Tylercraft/Chichester Boats were distinguished through the 1970s for using a Wankel cycle engine as a back-up power source. Declared out of business after the 1980 model year, Tylercraft name was restarted in the 1990s selling sailboats outside of the United States. The second incarnation of Tylercraft sailboats ended in 2004.