1997 Sunfish/Laser Inc Sailboat Prices and Values

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Sunfish/Laser Inc Note

No longer in production. For further information, see Vanguard Sailboats. FOR INFORMATION PRIOR TO 1992, SEE PEARSON YACHTS.

(1997 - 1992)
The Sunfish name has been a lingering presence in the sailboat industry since 1952. Originally built under Alcort Incorporated, the Sunfish/Laser Incorporated name was used to sell a product line of single-person and two-person sailing vessels from 1992 into 1997. Sunfish/Laser Incorporated created fiberglass sailboats ranging between 7 and 17 feet for recreational as well as competitive activities. After 1997, production of Sunfish/Laser Incorporated vessels was assumed by Vanguard.