1998 BMW 3 Series Values

Select a 1998 BMW 3 Series trim level

The 1998 BMW 3-Series is an entry-level compact car which is available as a coupe, hatchback, sedan, or two-door convertible. The base trim is the 318 powered by a 138 hp 1.9L four-cylinder engine and it is available as a sedan or a hatchback. The 323 is available with a 2.5L six-cylinder that generates 168 hp in coupe and convertible forms, or 170 hp with the sedan. The 328 uses a 2.8L six-cylinder which produces 190 hp in coupe and convertible forms or 193 hp with the sedan. At the top of the range is the performance oriented M3 which boasts a 240 hp 3.4L six-cylinder engine. Also available is the compact Z3 roadster, which can be fitted with the 1.9L, 2.8L or the 3.4L M engine.