Used 2000 Oldsmobile Coupe Values!

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(Model years 2004 - 1926 including exotics and classic cars)
An attractive compact car available in sedan and coupe trims, the 2000 Oldsmobile Alero is a versatile car with appealing styling.

Coupes have been a long-standing component to Oldsmobile. First sold in 1966, the Oldsmobile Toronado is one of the most notable coupes constructed by the upscale brand was the first American branded post-World War Two production car to be built with front-wheel drive. In later production years, Oldsmobile coupes mainly catered to the entry-level market. Two-door versions of the Achieva and later the Alero has been based on a compact car frame. Both Oldsmobile coupes offered power from four-cylinder as well as V-6 engines. Production of the Alero coupe concluded in 2004 shortly ahead of the complete discontinuation of the Oldsmobile brand.