Buick Riviera Models and Riviera History

Buick first used the Riviera name in 1949 and has largely been linked to Buicks personal luxury car. In 1995, the Buick Riviera was completely redesigned to reflect a bold, new direction for the premium vehicle divisions styling. Featuring a highly rounded exterior, this eighth-generation Riviera also employed new standard technologies such as dual airbags and anti-lock braking. In 1998, the Riviera dropped the naturally aspirated 3.8-liter V-6 engine making a supercharged powerplant standard. The 240-horsepower engine propelled the American-made luxury coupe to 0 to 60 mile per hour acceleration times under seven seconds. The powerplant was paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. Standard features on the 1998 Riviera included leather seating, dual-zone automatic climate control and 16-inch aluminum wheels. OnStar and traction control were available as an option on the 1998 Buick Riviera. In 1999, less than 2,000 examples of the Buick two-door luxury coupe were produced. With sales declining for two-door coupes in North America, the Buick Rivieras production ended in 1999 with a short run of special edition models. Called a Silver Arrow, the last 200 Riviera coupes paid respect to the past painted in special silver. As of 2014, the Riviera has been the final two-door coupe produced by Buick.

New and Used Riviera Prices, Buick Riviera Model Years and History

The 1999 Buick Riviera is a five-passenger premium sports coupe that is powered by a 240 hp supercharged V6 engine.
A five-passenger premium sports coupe, the 1998 Buick Riviera boasts a 240 hp supercharged V6 engine which returns nearly 30 mpg on the highway.