Lincoln MKT Models and MKT History

Launched in 2010, the all-new MKT offered a luxurious and premium crossover SUV that could seat seven, powered by a robust 3.7-liter V6 engine that was rated at 268 horsepower. Notable updates for the 2011 model year included a voice-controlled GPS system with a 36-month subscription to the Traffic Directions service. The EcoBoost model was reduced in price by $3,000 in 2012, and the all-wheel-drive model was discontinued with no other major changes for this year. A lengthy list of changes were made to the 2013 model. The engine was upgraded to offer more power, increasing horsepower to 303 overall. A new style graced the front end, and a new gauge cluster and steering wheel complemented the interior. New safety features were also introduced, including the rear seatbelts, which could inflate, and a new collision and lane departure assist and warning system. The MKT cruised into 2014 basically unchanged from the previous year.

New and Used MKT Prices, Lincoln MKT Model Years and History

The MKT represents Lincoln’s vision of a luxury crossover SUV. And it’s brilliant.
Lincoln’s MKT offers a new take on the crossover with a specific focus on luxury and comfort.
The MKT comes back for 2016, both stylish and seductive, adorned with a long list of standard options and equipment.
A stylish mid-sized SUV that delivers on handling, performance and amenities.
A full-size crossover with third row seating, the 2014 Lincoln MKT is an attractive utility, equipped with advanced technology, making it an ideal people mover.
New for 2013, the Lincoln MKT is a full-size luxury crossover utility vehicle with seating for seven.
A full-size crossover, the 2012 Lincoln MKT offers luxury amenities and seating for up to seven passengers.
Presenting the Lincoln brand name on a full-sized crossover vehicle with 7 passenger capacity, the 2011 Lincoln MKT returns with high-technology luxury features and optional EcoBoost engine power.
Lincoln brings a new player to the luxury crossover game with the 2010 Lincoln MKT, featuring three rows of seating and an available 355 hp V6.