Pontiac Torrent Models and Torrent History

The Torrent was introduced in 2006 by Pontiac, offering a new crossover SUV that utilized the Chevrolet Equinox platform. The 2007 Torrent got new four-wheel disc brakes, a tire-pressure monitoring system and a stability control system, introduced as standard equipment. The new GXP trim was introduced in 2008, and featured a beefy V6 engine that was rated at 264 horsepower. A revamped suspension system and basic equipment revisions were also made. In 2009, side curtain airbags, satellite radio and a new digital compass were added as standard features, with optional Bluetooth integration.

New and Used Torrent Prices, Pontiac Torrent Model Years and History

Larger than a compact SUV but smaller than a traditional one, the 2009 Pontiac Torrent is considered just the right size, accentuated by plenty of features and options.
The 2008 Pontiac Torrent is a five-passenger crossover that is available with FWD or AWD and includes electronic stability control as part of the standard safety equipment.
A crossover SUV with seating for five, the 2007 Pontiac Torrent is available with FWD or AWD, is powered by a 185 3.4L V6, and now features a stability control system.
A brand-new crossover SUV that seats five-passengers, the 2006 Pontiac Torrent is powered by a 3.4L V6 and is available with AWD or FWD.