Tesla Motors Model S Models and Model S History

Debuting in 2012, the Tesla Model S was a first for electric cars, offering a refined and modern luxury sedan with a long list of standard equipment and highly desirable battery range. In 2013, the Model S was mostly unchanged, with new heated seats being offered in cloth or leather, and the 40kWh battery pack was updated to a new and improved 60kWh battery pack. Tesla also offered a new dual-motor model called the D that featured all-wheel-drive and an updated 85kW battery.

New and Used Model S Prices, Tesla Motors Model S Model Years and History

Tesla’s ever-popular Model S is the world’s best outfitted electric vehicle.
The ever-popular Tesla Model S is the premier in luxury electric vehicles, stacked with features and complemented by a signature design that truly sets it apart.
The large-sized Tesla Model S proves that there need not be any compromises when merging a luxury sedan with a capable electric vehicle.
Gaining attention and acclaim since its release in 2012, the fully electric 2014 Tesla Model S undergoes some additional performance as well as safety refinement.
A one of a kind machine, the 2013 Tesla Model S seamlessly blends the benefits of a family sedan, sports car, and electric vehicle for an all around car that's irresistible.
A unique vehicle, powered entirely by an AC permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor, the 2012 Tesla Model S is a futuristic vehicle capable of going 265 miles on one charge.