Mercury Marauder Models and Marauder History

Unleashed in 2003, in efforts to attract the sports car market to the Mercury brand, the Marauder offered 18” alloy wheels, a sexy black paint job and a powerful 4.6-liter V8 engine that was rated at 302 horsepower. The 2004 Marauder saw the addition of a four-speed automatic transmission, two new body colors (Dark Red and Silver) and updated dual knock sensors for better engine handling.

New and Used Marauder Prices, Mercury Marauder Model Years and History

An aggressive and powerful version of the Grand Marquis, the 2004 Mercury Marauder boasts 18" wheels, a 302 hp V8, and sport suspension.
The 2003 Mercury Marauder is a full-size sedan that takes the Grand Marquis and turns it into a powerful cruiser with a long list of standard features.