Q3 2015

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Industry Overview

RV Market Update

The general sentiment in the RV industry is the market is still very strong. Inventory turn-over rate showed improvements over the summer, which is a indicator that the market still remains healthy.

We are anticipating the usual slowdown for the colder months that lie ahead but a stable economy, low interest rates, lower fuel prices, coupled with improved consumer confidence have dealers feeling upbeat. We will be watching inventory levels as we enter the slowdown period going from fall into winter, as this can be a major factor affecting depreciation of used values.

RV Values

Edition-Over-Edition Change in Values by Category

July-August 2015 Edition Versus September-October 2015 Edition

Third quarter valuations show a slight decline heading into late fall and early winter, with towables outpacing motorized units, -2.3% to -1.7% respectively.

Edition-Over-Edition Change in Used Retail
-2.3% -1.7%
NADAGuides Change in Average Appraisal Amounts Edition-Over Edition by Unit Type
Category Body Type Used Wholesale Trade-In Used Retail
Camping Trailer All -3.0% -2.2%
Motorhome Micro Mini Motorhome (Class C) -0.1% -2.3%
Motorhome Mini Motorhome (Class C) -2.3% -1.5%
Motorhome Motorhome (Class A) -3.8% -2.9%
Motorhome Towing Motorhome (Class A) -4.4% -3.4%
Motorhome Van Motorhome (Class B) 1.0% 1.4%
Park Model All -1.7% -2.6%
Tow Vehicle All 2.0% 3.0%
Travel Trailer Fifth Wheel -3.0% -2.2%
Travel Trailer Standard Hitch -2.7% -2.6%
Truck Camper All -3.2% -2.2%

RV Categories Category Views by Month in 2015

RV Brands

YoY Change in Research of Top RV Brands on

The figures below are based on consumer RV traffic on and are calculated by comparing the percentage change of consumer interest, for the top 20 researched manufacturers, January-September 2014 as compared to January-September 2015.

Travel Trailer Brands Top Researched Brands in 2015 Year-To-Date

Standard Hitch Brands

Fifth Wheel Brands

Motorhome Brands Top Researched Brands in 2015 Year-To-Date

Class A Brands

Class C Brands

RV Brands Top Researched Brands in 2015 Year-To-Date

Camping Trailer Brands

Truck Camper Brands

Model Years Top Researched Model Years by Category

Class A Motorhome

Standard Hitch Travel Trailer

Web Traffic by Region

Regional Distribution of Traffic in 2015

The NADAguides recreational vehicle data is based on national averages; however, our analysts recognize the significance of regional variance by unit type. The following charts represent consumer traffic based on four regions. Traffic percentages for 2013 and 2014 are offered as a comparison to the year-to-date 2015 traffic.

Travel Trailers


Camping Trailers

Truck Campers

Fuel Price Data

A view of the national average gasoline prices and year-over-year change is supplied to provide support for longer-term strategic planning.

Regular Grade Gasoline Prices (All Formulations)

On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices

Economic Data

Unemployment & Labor Participation Rate (Seasonally Adjusted)



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