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Designed along the line of a classic custom motorcycle, the 2011 Big Dog Mastiff® is a bold and powerful statement on the road. A high-end two-wheeled choice, the 2011 Big Dog Mastiff® cruiser motorcycle rides within a 77.5-inch wheelbase. At the rear, a fat 300-millimeter wide tire provides the 2011 Big Dog Mastiff® with a drag bike persona. Weighing 708 pounds, the 2011 Big Dog Mastiff® provides peace of mind when stopping due to full hydraulic disc brakes. Powered by a 1,917 cc V-twin engine, the 2011 Big Dog Mastiff® delivers plenty of highway muscle. The 2011 Big Dog Mastiff® motorcycle`s air-cooled engine is matched with a six-speed transmission. Seat height for the 2011 Big Dog Mastiff® is measured at 24.3 inches. A two-passenger seat, luggage rack and a variety of windshield are offered as compatible accessories on the 2011 Big Dog Mastiff®.
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MOTORCYCLES/ATVS/UTILITY - Due to limited resale market, we are unable to determine 2016 & 2017 used values.
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EXTERIOR Suggested
List Price
Hand Grips $150
Rider Foot Pegs $100
Passenger Foot Pegs $99
Air Cleaner Cover Kit $104
14-Inch Sport Windscreen - Clear $350
14-Inch Sport Windscreen - Tinted $350
16-Inch Sport Windscreen - Clear $375
16-Inch Sport Windscreen - Tinted $375
Streamline Solo Seat $307
Two Passenger Seat $375
Backrest Pad $111
Pillion Pad $200
Lever Set $220
Touring Tailbag With Top Roll $200
Sport Pack Tail Bag $150
Leather Sissy Bar Bag $120
Bike Cover With Sissy Bar Pouch $230
Form Fit Bike Cover $230
Tool Roll $89
Luggage Rack $210
Hard Covered Saddle Bags $1,500
Backrest Pad Mounting Plates $65
Sissy Bar Kit $215
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