2011 Can-Am Prices, Values and Specs

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Can-Am Note

MOTORCYCLES/UTILITY/ATVS - For 2007 and older years, see listing under Bombardier.

(Model years 2017 - 1974)


Sport ATV

DS 250

DS 450

DS 450 X MX

DS 450 X XC

DS 70

DS 90

DS 90 X

Renegade 500

Renegade 800R

Renegade 800R X XC

Utility ATV

Outlander 400 (4X4)

Outlander 400 XT

Outlander 500 (4X4)

Outlander 500 XT (4X4)

Outlander 500 XT (4X4, Camouflage)

Outlander 650 (4X4)

Outlander 650 XT (4X4)

Outlander 650 XT (4X4, Camouflage)

Outlander 650 XT-P (4X4)

Outlander 800 (4X4)

Outlander 800R XT (4X4)

Outlander 800R XT (4X4, Camouflage)

Outlander 800R XT-P (4X4)

Outlander 800R X MR

Outlander 800R X XC

Outlander Max 400

Outlander Max 400 XT

Outlander Max 500

Outlander Max 500 XT

Outlander Max 500 XT (Camouflage)

Outlander Max 650

Outlander Max 650 XT

Outlander Max 650 XT (Camouflage)

Outlander Max 650 XT-P

Outlander Max 800R

Outlander Max 800R LTD

Outlander Max 800R XT (Camouflage)

Outlander Max 800R XT-P


3 Wheel Cycle

Spyder RS SE5

Spyder RS SM5

Spyder RS-S SE5

Spyder RS-S SM5

Spyder RT SE5 Audio & Convenience Package

Spyder RT SE5 Limited

Spyder RT SM5

Spyder RT SM5 Audio & Convenience Package

Spyder RT-S SE5

Spyder RT-S SM5


Utility Side by Side

Commander 1000

Commander 1000 X

Commander 1000 XT

Commander 1000 XT (Camouflage)

Commander 800 XT

Commander 800 XT (Camouflage)

Commander 800R

A subsidiary of Bombardier, Can-Am was originally a motorcycle manufacturer until 1987 when the brand was licensed and outsourced to CCM. In 2006, Bombardier re-introduced the brand with a new focus on recreational vehicles. Today Can-Am produces ATVs, including side-by-side vehicles, and a three-wheeled roadster called the Can-Am Spyder.