1979 Fan Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Fan

MOTORHOMES - No longer producing motor homes after 1980.

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(1986 - 1972)


Fan Jet-1702, 1710

Fan Jet-2010, 2031

Fan Jet-2100, 2110

Fan Jet-2102

Fan Jet-2120, 2140

Mini-2200, 2202

Mini-2210, 2220

5th Wheel

Lee Liner-5213

Lee Liner-5250

Lee Liner-5253

Luxury Liner-5293

Style Liner-5283

Luxury Liner-5330

Luxury Liner-5338

Style Liner-5320

Style Liner-5328

Luxury Liner-5368

Style Liner-5358

Travel Trailers

Lee Liner-141N

Lee Liner-143N

Lee Liner-188

Lee Liner-189

Lee Liner-204

Lee Liner-224

Lee Liner-228

Lee Liner-235

Lee Liner-238

Luxury Liner-255

Luxury Liner-256

Luxury Liner-258

Luxury Liner-259

Style Liner-245

Style Liner-246

Style Liner-248

Style Liner-249

Luxury Liner-602

Style Liner-601

Luxury Liner-288

Style Liner-278

Luxury Liner-311

Luxury Liner-312

Style Liner-301

Style Liner-302



Founded by Franklin A. Newcomer in 1954, Fan Coach Company operated in the state of Indiana as a travel trailer maker for four decades. Building up to 28 trailers at its peak, Fan Coach Company products earned popularity with the recreational vehicle community for being well-equipped and comfortable trailers for its time. Fan Coach Company would have a turbulent time in the 1970s that almost resulted in the ruin of the business. Coachmen Industries bought the struggling company in 1978 and continued to use the Fan name for fifth wheel and travel trailers until the 1986 model year.