1983 Aljo Prices, Values and Specs

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Aljo Note

PARK MODELS - 1995-current prices include microwave, awning, water heater and air conditioner in the Deluxe models. 1985-1992 prices, refer to Aly.

(2014 - 1969)

Park Models

M-Aljo Aly-3530A

M-Aljo Aly-3530B

M-Aljo Aly-3540A

M-Aljo Aly-3540B

M-Aljo Aly-3580A

M-Aljo Aly-3580B

M-Aljo Aly-3730A

M-Aljo Aly-3730B

M-Aljo Aly-3740A

M-Aljo Aly-3740B

M-Aljo Aly-4080A

M-Aljo Aly-4080B

5th Wheel



Aljo Aly-2470A

Aljo Aly-2470B

Aljo Aly-3015A

Aljo Aly-3015B

Aljo Aly-3320A

Aljo Aly-3320B

Aljo Aly-3515A

Aljo Aly-3515B

Aljo Aly-4015A

Aljo Aly-4015B

Travel Trailers



Aljo Aly-1850

Aljo Aly-1920


Aljo Aly-2050


Aljo Aly-2320

Aljo Aly-2350A

Aljo Aly-2350B

Aljo Aly-2440

Aljo Aly-2510A

Aljo Aly-2510B

Aljo Aly-2831A

Aljo Aly-2831B

Aljo Aly-2831C

Aljo Aly-2950

Aljo Aly-3250A

Aljo Aly-3250B

Aljo Aly-3310A

Aljo Aly-3310B

A brand of Skyline (a builder of trailers and mobile homes since 1951), Aljo has long offered a range of movable products. Manufacturing travel trailers, fifth wheel and park model homes, Aljo products are equipped for vacation as well as more extended stays. Aljo new trailers are covered by Skyline’s no-nonsense warranty.