1986 Vanguard Prices, Values and Specs

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Vanguard Note

MOTORHOMES - No further information available after 1986.

(1986 - 1984)


Vanguard VMF/G19

Vanguard VMF/G22C

Vanguard VMF/G22S

Vanguard VLF/G23D

Vanguard VLF/G23G

Vanguard VMF/G23B

Vanguard VMF/G23D

Vanguard VMF/G23G

Vanguard VXF24D

Vanguard VXF24G

Vanguard VLF25

Vanguard VMF25

Vanguard VLF26D

Vanguard VLF2T

Vanguard VMF26D

Vanguard VMF26T

Vanguard VA31

Vanguard VA31T

Vanguard VA33

Vanguard VA35

Vanguard VA35D

Vanguard VA35T

5th Wheel






Travel Trailers

VTL21T, 21D


VTL27D, 27T

Truck Campers

Vanguard VP8E

Vanguard VP89S

Vanguard VP89T

Vanguard VP911

Constructing a wide variety of recreational products during the mid-1980s, Vanguard built units suitable for first time and more experience mobile vacationers. Building Class A as well as Class C motorhomes ranging from 18 to 35 feet in length, Vanguard also created travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and truck campers. Vanguard production lasted for three years ending after the 1986 model year.