1988 Real-Lite Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Real-Lite

MOTORHOMES - No longer manufacturing this model.

Select a 1988 Real-Lite Series

(1992 - 1970)


M-2300 Chevrolet

M-2300 Ford

M-2300 SE Chevrolet

M-2300 SE Ford

M-2301 Chevrolet

M-2301 Ford

M-2301 SE Chevrolet

M-2301 SE Ford

M-2302 Chevrolet

M-2302 Ford

M-2302 SE Chevrolet

M-2302 SE Ford

M-2303 Chevrolet

M-2303 Ford

M-2303 SE Chevrolet

M-2303 SE Ford

M-2600 Chevrolet

M-2600 Ford

M-2600 SE Chevrolet

M-2600 SE Ford

M-2601 Chevrolet

M-2601 Ford

M-2601 SE Chevrolet

M-2601 SE Ford

M-2602 Chevrolet

M-2602 Ford

M-2602 SE Chevrolet

M-2602 SE Ford

M-2603 Ford

M-2603 SE Ford

M-2605 Chevrolet

M-2605 Ford

M-2700 Chevrolet

M-2700 Ford

M-2700 SE Chevrolet

M-2700 SE Ford

M-2900 SE Ford

M-2903 SE Ford

5th Wheel


M-281FW, 284FW

M-320FW, 321FW


M-350FW, 351FW


Travel Trailers

M-180, 182

M-211, 212

M-231, 232

M-253, 256

M-282, 284

M-322, 323, 324

M-342, 344

Truck Campers

Real-Lite 850

Real-Lite 950

Real-Lite 1100

Real-Lite 1200

Constructing a wide array of recreational products, Real-Lite began operating as a brand of Juno Industries Incorporated during the early 1970s. Producing Class C motorhomes and truck campers early on in its history, Real-Lite entered the vacation trailer market in 1981. By the mid-1980s, Real-Lite boasted a selection of travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers spanning from 12 to 36 feet in length. Real-Lite products would be known under the name Veri-Lite after the 1992 model year.