1990 Hawkins Motor Coach Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Hawkins Motor Coach

MOTORHOMES - Prices include A/C, microwave, TV, rear view monitor and water heater add $7200 to models equipped with Limited Edition package. No further information available after 1995.

Select a 1990 Hawkins Motor Coach Series

(1995 - 1986)



H-301, 302, 303

H-320, 321 Basement

P-330 (225hp)

P-330 (225hp) Basement

H-340, 345

H-341 Basement

P-350 (225hp) Basement

P-350 (250hp) Basement

P-350,351 (250 hp)

P-350-351 (225 hp)

P-351 (225hp) Basement

P-351 (250hp) Basement

H-360 Basement

H-360, 362

P-370 (225hp) Basement

P-370, 371 (300hp)

P-371 (300hp) Basement

P-400 (300hp)

P-400 (300hp) Basement

Aerosport Series


AP-33-Caterpillar 225

AP-35-Caterpillar 225

AP-35-Caterpillar 250

AP-38-Caterpillar 300

Widebody Series

WBP-333 (225hp)

WBP-351, 355 (225hp)

WBP-351, 355 (250hp)

WBP-377 (300hp)

WBP-401, 402 (300hp)

A company founded by Jerry Hawkins in 1984, Hawkins Motor Coach created premium Class A motorhomes. Spanning in lengths from 27 to 40 feet, Hawkins Motor Coach products were heavily equipped for luxury vacationing with features including a built-in vacuum cleaner, double door refrigerator, weather station and air conditioning. While production of Hawkins Motor Coach products ceased after the 1995 model year, a company’s products remain supported by loyal owners and clubs.