1994 Sun-Lite Prices, Values and Specs

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Sun-Lite Note

CAMPING TRAILERS - No longer manufacturing camping trailers.

(2000 - 1982)

Camping Trailers


Nighthawk III

Nighthawk IV

Nighthawk V



Travel Trailers

Discovery 150

Discovery 160

Discovery 161

Eclipse 1600

Discovery 180

Discovery 180WT

Discovery 181

Discovery 192WS

Discovery 192WT

Eclipse 2001WS

Eclipse 2001WT

Truck Campers

Eagle Shortbed

Skyhawk SE

Eagle II

Eagle SE with Wardorbe

Eagle SE with Window

Eagle with Wardorbe

Eagle with Window

Eagle with Closet

Eagle with Toilet


Condor With Shower

Producing vacation products between 1982 to 2000, Sun-Lite started as a camping trailer and truck camper manufacturer. Travel travels were added to the Sun-Lite product line in the 1992 model year and fifth wheel trailers were included from 1997 to 2000. Sun-Lite truck camper and trailers would be produced under Sun Valley Incorporated after the 2000 model year.