1995 Sellers Motor Corp Prices, Values and Specs

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Sellers Motor Corp Note

MOTORHOMES - Road Cruiser models include color TV, AM/FM cassette, microwave, electric ignition water heater, generator, and (1)air conditioner in price as standard equipment. Grand Cruiser models include all previous equipment in addition to VCR, six-way power drivers seat, and convection oven. No longer producing motor homes after 1996.

(1996 - 1995)


Wakeechee Series

M-125A Chevrolet

M-125A Chevrolet Diesel

M-125A Ford

M-125A Isuzu Diesel

M-125B Chevrolet

M-125B Chevrolet Diesel

M-125B Ford

M-125B Isuzu Diesel

M-325B Chevrolet

M-325B Chevrolet Diesel

M-325B Ford

M-325B Isuzu Diesel

M-127A Chevrolet

M-127A Chevrolet Diesel

M-127A Ford

M-127A Isuzu Diesel

M-127B Chevrolet

M-127B Chevrolet Diesel

M-127B Ford

M-127B Isuzu Diesel

M-327B Chevrolet

M-327B Chevrolet Diesel

M-327B Ford

M-327B Isuzu Diesel

M-129A Chevrolet Diesel NoSlide

M-129A Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-129A Chevrolet No Slide

M-129A Chevrolet Slide

M-129A Ford No Slide

M-129A Ford Slide

M-129B Chevrolet Diesel NoSlide

M-129B Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-129B Chevrolet No Slide

M-129B Chevrolet Slide

M-129B Ford No Slide

M-129B Ford Slide

M-329B Chevrolet Diesel No Slide

M-329B Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-329B Chevrolet No Slide

M-329B Chevrolet Slide

M-329B Ford No Slide

M-329B Ford Slide

M-132A Chevrolet Diesel No Slide

M-132A Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-132A Chevrolet No Slide

M-132A Chevrolet Slide

M-132A Ford No Slide

M-132A Ford Slide

M-132B Chevrolet Diesel No Slide

M-132B Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-132B Chevrolet No Slide

M-132B Chevrolet Slide

M-132B Ford No Slide

M-132B Ford Slide

M-332B Chevrolet Diesel No Slide

M-332B Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-332B Chevrolet No Slide

M-332B Chevrolet Slide

M-332B Ford No Slide

M-332B Ford Slide

M-134A Chevrolet Diesel No Slide

M-134A Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-134A Chevrolet No Slide

M-134A Chevrolet Slide

M-134A Ford No Slide

M-134A Ford Slide

M-134B Chevrolet Diesel No Slide

M-134B Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-134B Chevrolet No Slide

M-134B Chevrolet Slide

M-134B Ford No Slide

M-134B Ford Slide

M-334B Chevrolet Diesel No Slide

M-334B Chevrolet Diesel Slide

M-334B Chevrolet No Slide

M-334B Chevrolet Slide

M-334B Ford No Slide

M-334B Ford Slide

M-334DP Oshkosh 230

M-334DP Oshkosh 250

M-336DP Oshkosh 230

M-336DP Oshkosh 250

M-338DP Oshkosh 230

M-338DP Oshkosh 250

Operating during the mid 1990s, Sellers Motor Corporation manufactured a wide array of Class A motorhomes for family recreation. Ranging from 25 to 40 feet in length, Motorhomes constructed by Sellers Motor Corporation were featured engine power from Chevrolet, Ford, Isuzu and Oshkosh. Sellers Motor Corporation endured for two production years concluding after 1996.