2001 Carri-Go Motorhome Prices and Specs

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Carri-Go Note

MOTORHOMES - This listing is for products manufactured by Carriage Inc. For models produced by Dynamax Corporation, see listing under Carri-Go by Dynamax. Carriage inc. No longer manufacturing this line after 2001.

(2001 - 2001)


M-2310 RB Chevrolet

M-2310 RB Ford

M-2320 RDB Chevrolet

M-2320 RDB Ford

Carri-Go built Class C motorhomes during the 2001 model year. Produced on Chevrolet and Ford van chassis frames, the 24-foot long motorhomes created by Carri-Go featured all the essentials for comfortable vacationing. Produced under Carriage Incorporated, Carri-Go recreational vehicle's line would later be associated with the Dynamax Corporation starting in 2002.