2006 Trophy Homes Prices, Values and Specs

Important note for Trophy Homes

PARK MODELS - Formerly Trophy Travelers.

Select a 2006 Trophy Homes Series

(2010 - 1986)

Park Models

M-32-Slickside One bedroom

M-32-Slickside One Bedroom Slide

M-36-Slickside One bedroom

M-36-Slickside One Bedroom Slide

M-36-Slickside Two Bedroom

M-36-Slickside Two Bedroom Slide

M-37-Converta Room 11"6"

M-37-One Bedroom 11'6"

M-37-Sunken Living Room 11'6"

M-37-Two Bedroom 11'6"

M-37-Converta Room 12'

M-37-One Bedroom 12'

M-37-Sunken Living Room 12'

M-37-Two Bedroom 12'

M-38-Slickside One bedroom

M-38-Slickside One Bedroom Slide

M-38-Slickside Two Bedroom

M-38-Slickside Two Bedroom Slide

M-39-Converta Room

M-39-One Bedroom

M-39-Two Bedroom

M-40-Slickside One bedroom

M-40-Slickside One Bedroom Slide

M-40-Slickside Two Bedroom

M-40-Slickside Two Bedroom Slide

M-40-One Bedroom

M-40-Two Bedroom

Loft Series

M-37-Converta Room 11'6"

M-37-Converta Room Double 11'6"

M-37-One Bedroom 11'6"

M-37-One Bedroom Double Loft 11'6"

M-37-Sunken Living Room 11'6"

M-37-Sunken Living Room Double Loft 11'6"

M-37-Two Bedroom Rear Loft 11'6"

M-37-Converta Room 12'

M-37-Converta Room Double Loft 12'

M-37-One Bedroom 12'

M-37-One Bedroom Double Loft 12'

M-37-Sunken Living Room 12'

M-37-Sunken Living Room Double Loft 12'

M-37-Two Bedroom Rear Loft 12'

M-39 Converta Room

M-39-Converta Room Double Loft

M-39-One Bedroom

M-39-One Bedroom Double Loft

M-39-Two Bedroom Rear Loft

M-40-One Bedroom

M-40-One Bedroom Double Loft

M-40-Two Bedroom Rear Loft

Previously known under the name Trophy Travelers, the Trophy Homes company was founded in 1986. Constructing park model, travel trailers as well as fifth wheel trailers, Trophy Homes would abandon production of towable recreational products after the 1989 model year. Focused on manufacturing park model units for two decades, long-term vacation residences built by Trophy Homes ranged from 32 to 40 feet in length.