2010 Earthroamer Prices, Values and Specs

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MOTORHOMES - Due to limited resale activity, we are unable to determine used values.
No information available for 2009.

(2014 - 2003)


Xpedition Series

XV-JP 3.8L 202hp

XV-LT F-550 Crew Cab Diesel

Earthroamer recreational vehicles are built for vacationing adventures where few other motorhomes can travel. All-weather, all-season Class C motorhomes, Earthroamer ranging from 15 to 25 feet are equipped for handling off-road paths. While a tough, capable vehicle on the outside, Earthroamer cabins are home-like that is flexible to many consumers’ tastes. All Earthroamer products are self-contained motorhomes that also includes the availability of solar panel-sourced electricity.