2011 Allegro Prices, Values and Specs

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2011 Note

MOTORHOMES - Zephyr includes triple crown fabric, cherry cabinetry (also on allegro Bus), dishwasher (also on allegro Bus), safe, all electric coach(also on allegro Bus), basement freezer, patio awning(also on allegro Red), dinette/workstation, leather hide-a-bed/dinette. Allegro Bus also include satellite dish also on allegro Red, Allegro), hydronic heating, residential refrigerator, solar panel, 32'' exterior TV, satellite radio, navigation system, 37'' dash TV(also on phaeton), cooktop, washer/dryer(also on alleg red), comfort mattress, phaeton also includes air horns, spotlight, 32'' TV, 10k generator (also on allegro Red). Allegro Red also includes alder cabinetry, surround sound(also on Allegro), vacuum(also on Allegro), Allegro also has driver power window.

(2017 - 1973)


M-30DA Ford 362hp

M-30DA Workhorse 340hp

M-30GA Ford 362HP

M-32BA Ford 362hp

M-32BA Workhorse 340hp

M-32CA Ford 362HP

M-34TGA Ford 362hp

M-34TGA Workhorse 340hp

M-35QBA Ford 362hp

M-35QBA Workhorse 340hp

Allegro Breeze Series

M-28BR Powerglide

M-32BR Powerglide

Allegro Bus Series

M-36QSP Powerglide 450hp

M-40QXP Freigthliner 450hp

M-40QXP Powerglide 450hp

M-43QBP Freightliner 450hp

M-43QBP Powerglide 450hp

M-43QGP Freightliner 450hp

M-43QGP Powerglide 450hp

M-43QRP Freightliner 450hp

M-43QRP Powerglide 450hp

Allegro Red Series

M-34QFA Freightliner 340hp

M-36QSA Freightliner 340hp

M-38QBA Freightliner 340hp

Phaeton Series

M-36QSH Freightliner 380hp

M-40QBH Freightliner 380hp

M-40QKH Freightliner 380hp

M-40QTH Freightliner 380hp

M-40QTH Powerglide 380hp

M-42QBH Freightliner 380hp

M-42QBH Powerglide 380hp

Zephyr Series

M-45QBZ Spartan 500hp

Built under Tiffin Motorhomes, the Allegro brand began humbly in 1972 as a business that built two a day. Originally building Class C motorhomes, Allegro currently builds a wide range of Class A recreational vehicles ranging up to almost 45 feet in length. Allegro motorhomes are built to be top-of-the-line vehicles constructed on sturdy chassis frames. There attention to practicality with abundant storage is a trademark.