2011 Crossroads RV Prices, Values and Specs

Select a 2011 Crossroads RV Series

(2017 - 1998)

Park Models

Tranquility Series

M-37 FD

M-37 MK

M-39 FD

M-39 MK

M-40 FD

M-40 MK

Westchester Series

M-39 FD

5th Wheel

Cruiser Series

M-25 RBX

M-26 RKX

M-26 OLX

M-27 RLX

M-285 RL

M-29 RLX

M-30 ES

M-30 SK

M-305 ES

M-305 SK

M-31 RE

M-31 RK

M-315 RE

M-30 QBX

M-32 CK

M-32 MK

M-325 CK

M-325 MK

M-31 QB

M-32 BL

M-33 LF

Rushmore Series

M-34 SB

M-35 CK

M-35 RL

M-36 SB

M-38 CK

Zinger Series

M-25 BH

M-27 RL

M-29 BS

M-30 RB

Travel Trailers

Cruiser Series

M-26 RKX

M-29 RLX

M-30 QBX

M-32 KSX

Hampton Series

M-35 FK

M-395 BFD

M-38 DB

M-38 FE

M-38 FK

M-38 TB

M-39 FE

M-39 FK

M-40 FD

M-40 QB

Slingshot Series

M-21 FD

M-23 CK

M-24 RL

M-26 RL

M-27 RB

M-28 BH

M-29 BH

M-30 QB

Sunset Trail Series

M-18 UD

M-20 CK

M-22 BH

M-24 RB

M-27 BH

M-27 FB

M-27 RL

M-28 RK

M-29 BH

M-29 QB

M-29 SS

M-30 RE

M-31 KS

Sunset Trail Ultra Lite Series

M-17 CK

M-19 RB

Zinger SE Series

M-19 RDS

Zinger Series

M-25 RK

M-23 FB

M-27 BH

M-25 SB

M-26 BH

M-26 BL

M-26 RL

M-30 RK

M-29 DB

M-30 BH

M-29 DS

M-30 KB

M-32 QB

M-31 SB

M-39 BH

M-39 DB

Crossroads RV was incorporated in 1996 as a manufacturer of hitch travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers. A company that greatly values itself for providing durable, lightweight vacation trailers, Crossroads RV products feature all-aluminum construction under an easily maintainable fiberglass exterior shell. Tailored for scoring a high reputation with customers, Crossroads RV trailers boast a high list of standard features for a reasonable price. Crossroads RV briefly sold park model units from 2008 to 2011 model years ranging up to 42 feet in length.