2013 Show Hauler Motorhome Prices and Specs

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(2016 - 2001)


Garage Series

M-12/10G M2-350hp

M-14/10 M2-350hp

M-16/10GSL Cascadia-505hp

M-18/10GSL Cascadia-505hp

M-21/12GSSL Volvo 500hp

M-22/13GSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-24/11DGSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-24/11GSSL Volvo 500hp

M-26/10DGFSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-26/10DGSSL-R Volvo 500hp

M-26/10GBSSL Volvo 500hp

M-26/10GDSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-26/10GFSSL Volvo 500hp

M-26/10GFSSL-R Cascadia 505hp

Motorhome Series

M-24B M2 350hp

M-26Q M2 350hp

M-26T M2 350hp

M-26GSSL Volvo 500hp

M-26QSL Cascadia 505hp

M-26TSL Cascadia 505hp

M-28GSL Cascadia 505hp

M-28QSL Cascadia 505hp

M-28QSSL Volvo 500hp

M-28T Cascadia 500hp

M-30QSL Cascadia 505hp

M-30QSSL Volvo 500hp

M-32QDSSL Volvo 500hp

M-32QSSL Volvo 500hp

M-33GSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-33QDSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-34QDSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-34QQSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-34QSSL Volvo 500hp

M-34QTSSL Volvo 500hp

M-34KDSSL Volvo 500hp

M-35GSSL Volvo 500hp

M-35QSSL Cascadia 505hp

M-35KQSSL Lone Star 525hp

M-36GDSSL Lone Star 525hp

M-36GDSSL Volvo 500hp

M-36GSSL Cascadia 505hp

Towing Motorhome Series

M-12RE M2 350hp

M-12SE M2 350hp

M-14RE Cascadia 505hp

M-14RE/SL Cascadia 505hp

M-14SE Cascadia 505hp

M-16RE Cascadia 505hp

M-16RE/SL Volvo 500hp

M-16SE Volvo 500hp

M-17SE/SSL Cascadia 505hp

M-20SE/SSL Volvo 500hp

M-23SE/SSL Volvo 500hp

Producing Class A motorhome conversions, Show Hauler was founded when businesses connected with horse as well as auto racing industry sought combined living quarters and cargo hauling. Available as towing, garage or a motor coach vehicles configured completely as living quarters, Show Hauler motorhomes are powered by transport trucks such Volvo and Freightliner. Show Hauler vehicles are customized to the tastes and requirements of individual buyers. Show Hauler has furnished over 600 custom motorhomes as of 2012.